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A project for all those that are looking for authentic design, a study of detail but with the characteristics of "Hand Made"production.
It is a great option for those who want to be very much involved in the realization of their project but need guidelines for their production. 


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After a preliminary meeting, the “mood board" (info about the theme, the accessories, colors and flowers) will be developed. 
This combined with the individual moments of the wedding scene: the ceremony or rite, the aperitif, the reception, and the 
wedding party. It is the perfect package for the newlyweds, for location owners, for catering services or anyone who needs a project to propose and/or carry out. This package includes the following services:


  • Development of the main concept
  • Creative vision
  • Palette of color schemes
  • Mood Suite Graphics
  • The design of the ceremony
  • Design of the reception scenery
  • The floor plan and Graphic Layout
  • Online Document Reserved Area

Cost €1,500 +VAT