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The style of CG Events Production & Design is beauty creation. 

Chiara and Guido think that a wedding should be the most perfect day of every couple’s life. 

Each single element of a perfect wedding day is like a thread that is intertwined with others to weave a precious canvas made of emotions and impressions. 

Whether it is a defined style or a fusion of elements, each wedding event becomes a journey into the world of emotions, created to experience the perfect marriage
Memorable settings and particular details are inspired by the dreams of bride and groom and transform the occasion into a unique and exhilarating event
A very tasteful event, with original decorations characterized by extremely well-chosen spaces with impeccable shapes and colors, enriched with light effects that transpose all elements into a harmonious balance.


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Each great event is a unique project, bringing within it the complexity, charm, and surprise of a creative process that confines with art. It is the kind of architecture that is based on foundations of deep knowledge of organization and planning as well as Italian and international design

CG's passion and expertise are inspired by the privilege of collaborating with a world of companies: from luxury to fashion, from food and beverage and regarding innovation.

Complete solutions in every detail and service, will support each customer and his activity and accompany him towards the corporate identity par excellence.


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A particular attention to detail, to create exceptional and unique social experiences
What astonishes and what is remembered is elaborated by our mind as something special and extraordinary. For this reason every event must amaze and surprise.  

Every customer’s request is studied in detail to try to surprise guests and make the occasion a memorable event.


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