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Our work is nothing else than the concrete manifestation of what we have always breathed: the passion for art and design on one hand, and creativity, love for flowers, taste for sophisticated table settings on the other. All results of a path of life and family history that have made us not only a reason for personal interest, but also the expression of ourselves, through our personal concept of the art of living.   

We are architects of dreams and creative event designers, we create exclusive and eclectic wedding events, focusing on places that we define stimulating, where the atmosphere is imbued with significance, conviviality, and scenography.  

Over the years, we have converted our roots into a true profession; and it shows in the smallest details of the exclusive and sophisticated weddings and events that we take care of.


Chiara is the passionate and courageous artist of our team. She always gives great importance to originality of design and to innovation
Her mind is set on finding memorable matches that are in harmony with nature. 
She was born in the Marche Region and raised in her hometown Fano, where she has lived until her graduation. Equipped with loads of resources and a great desire to learn she moved to Rome, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Management at the Link Campus University, obtaining an Italian as well as a European degree.

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only design but also believe”

After years of studies and work experience, the unbridled passion for design and her resourcefulness led her to move on to Paris. There she lived and worked in the fashion sector for several years managing the press office of world-famous brands such as Vogue for Condè Nast and Giorgio Armani

Her ties with her home country made her decide to return to Italy in 2008. She decided to start a new career, collaborating with Guido, her life partner. And in the name of originality, professionalism, creativity, and good taste, together they founded “CG Events Production & Design”.



"Every environment is a captivating experience in which all senses are harmoniously involved": a mindset of which Guido knows every detail; precision, rigor, accuracy, and scrupulousness are only some of the adjectives that can identify his organizational, logistical, and technical skills.

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only design but also believe”

Born and raised in Veneto, he obtained a Degree in Wine and Oenological Sciences and Technologies. He finished his studies in Australia, where he got immensely impressed by the continent’s morphology and territorial structure. 

Already at a rather young age he got involved in the organization of nationally renowned Sporting Events such as MotorShow, the Honda Day and the Super Quad Show.  Thanks to the latter he got to know Fano and fell in love, not only with the town though... Over time he trained and specializes in the graphic and interior design.  

So that’s where he encountered “CG Events Production & Design”

The studio

"It's the sum of details that make perfection, so perfection is much more just a detail."

The “CG studio” is based in the city center of Fano, in the middle of a green zone with lots of vegetation and flowers. It is a lab of ideas. The creative and pulsating heart from which all events are being processed and turned into projects that provide emotions. 

It is the very place in which concepts and design take shape and that, at the same time, is our commercial and administrative headquarters.


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Chiara and Guido have chosen to share their daily life immersed in what they love the most: family, nature, their animals, and their passion for design. In that way, obtaining a creative space of enthusiasm, where every single detail reflects their personality and good taste. 

The strong sense of conviviality accompanies their customers into an innovative world of cutting-edge sensory experiences.


CG is not only a workshop of ideas but also a laboratory of their realization.

Since 2009 the operational headquarters, an enormous space of about 1000 square meters where all the furnishings and accessories of each individual scenery are created and/or selected, is also in Fano. 

A real event factory where creative projects are developed and become tangible, the place where craftsmanship merges with design.


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Chiara and Guido offer solutions designed, manufactured, and produced exclusively by both their team, and by brands in the field of design.

An excursus among furniture, tables, lounge furnishings, chandeliers, lights, linen covers, vases, mise en place, fine fabrics... all the result of meticulous research, coming from every corner of the world. 

According to the trends, we will always select new furnishing and style solutions that will then be proposed exclusively by CG projects.